Somethings can’t be changed

    Image Source:Volt Athletics Blog Image Source: Pinterest   Pimple on my face is a disgrace, I know I ll be in a better place if it could erase. Because I would be good material for your showcase, But somethings can’t be changed You nutcase, So I am just going  to embrace my face. Image You want me to uncurl, The curls I twirl I know I may look like a cowgirl But the insults you hurl because you’re a burl That thinks you’re a pearl Better unfurl Because  somethings can’t be changed girl, Other than minds Which … Continue reading Somethings can’t be changed

Kill exams-Don’t ever let them kill you

Hello guys,it’s that stressful time of the year which is EXAM SEASON.Figuring out if there’s any method to follow to do well in exams?You have come to the right place.Before you continue reading,I would like to let you know that the tips were learned through years of trial and error.They have worked for me as well as others.They improved my grades drastically.They are extremely simple and  for all you know you may be working yourself up more than they actually need to about these exams. DISCLAIMER:These tips are ONLY applicable to students studying in state board/CBSE schools in India and … Continue reading Kill exams-Don’t ever let them kill you

Fool’s definition of cool

Are you one of those people who is very bookish and academically inclined and yet you have social skills ,and people still assume you are this socially awkward creature who knows nothing about the world beyond your books and is incapable of making friends.You know how to do a lot of other things too be it sports,music,dance etc and yet people rub it on your face that you are no good ,claiming that you know nothing about the world beyond your books. Or are you one of those people whose interest lies elsewhere other than academics and teachers told you … Continue reading Fool’s definition of cool

No BODY is ugly

Plus sized?Don’t have skinny legs?Have fat thighs?Don’t have a sharp nose?Have small eyes?Don’t have a fair complexion? Have an oversized belly?Don’t have straight hair?Thinking you’re not beautiful?Don’t worry you’re not alone,people with all sorts of bodies exist all over the world.All we have to do is just realize and embrace the inner beauty within us. Victoria’s secret models of various colors,features and sizes posing in the above pic.They did this photo shoot to show that beauty comes in different shapes and sizes. The media defines a beautiful girl as ‘someone who is fair complex-ed ,skinny,has straight hair and chiseled facial … Continue reading No BODY is ugly

Labels-meant only for clothes and books,not people

You called him ‘feminine and gender dysphoric’ because he was carrying a bunch of flowers,well it was his father’s death anniversary and he was going to place those flowers at his grave.You called her a ‘behenji'(label in Hindi for an old fashioned woman which carries a negative connotation) because she wears only sarees whereas she is the most  modern woman one would have ever come across,she  is short in height and has a shrill voice  and you met her just once and  you immediately called her immature whereas she is the most mature person one would have ever come across … Continue reading Labels-meant only for clothes and books,not people